Customize With Vinyl

With over 2000+ color-change wrap vinyl’s available from reputable brands and manufacturers, you’re able to find a new color with ease at Wrap Wise! We are supported the globally renowned brands that continue to push the boundaries of color-change technology, giving you the absolute best products available.

Super-Thick Technology

Wrap Wise offers an extensive range of thick car vinyl wraps that show little to know orange peel, meaning your new wrap will look paint-like under natural sunlight. Exceeding the expectations of traditional vinyl, we have thousands of colours that replicate the same glossiness and finishes as paint in exotic metallic and exotic colours. Available in a matte, satin, and gloss material.

Why Wrap Your Car?

Vinyl wrapping is one of the only ways to personalise your vehicle at the same time as protecting the original paint from road debris, natures nasties, swirls, and more. 

What's The Process

Upon confirming a quote and choosing a color with our team, we will allocate a booking date which is next available! A deposit will be required to secure a Full Vehicle Wrap booking which will be advised along with available dates.

What's The Preparation

Upon receiving the vehicle on the book in date, our team will give the vehicle a full decontamination wash with our proven chemicals, ensuring no debris is on the paintwork prior to installing the vinyl wrap film. We will then remove parts necessary for your make/ model of vehicle to achieve the best quality wrap. Some vehicles require more parts removed then others. 

How Long Does It Take

Most car wraps can be completed within a week, certain vehicles and colours may take longer which will be advised upon date allocations. We operate on a Monday to Monday scheduling system so our clients drop off their vehicle on Monday, and we aim to have them collect the car wrapped and 100% completed the following Monday.

Completely Reversible Changes

The BIGGEST benefit to vinyl wrapping cars, is its ability to be removed without damages. Car wrap is designed and manufactured to be applied and then removed at a later date. All of the brands we supply and use offer a recommended removal-by date so you can be assured your vehicle is getting the best product possible! Because car wrap vinyl is a reversible product, you can go bright and crazy without effecting resale value! Choose from our many ranges of color shift, metallic, pearlescent, or fluorescent wraps!

FREE Coating On All Wraps

Protecting your new wrap is completely FREE when you get your vehicle wrapped by Wrap Wise! There is no secret that Ceramic Coating your wrap makes it last longer and super easy to clean, so we have taken the hassle out of maintenance and we will include a FREE Wax is Dead® Wrap & PPF Ceramic Coating. And the After-Care doesn’t stop here. Wrap Wise Offers an After-Care Kit that is Designed to keep your vinyl wrap looking its best for longer with carefully selected products from Wax is Dead®

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