FREE Coating With Every Wrap!

With Every Color Change or Paint Protection Film wrap by Wrap Wise Brisbane, we will include a FREE Wax is Dead® Wrap & PPF ceramic coating. ceramic coating your new vinyl wrap will make maintenance simple and easy for you!

We Offer Maintenance Kits

A carefully selected Wrap-Care & Maintenance kit by Wrap Wise has been put together so you can have the best maintenance for your vinyl wrap or PPF. The Wax is Dead® products that are included are designed specifically for wraps and PPF, so you can be at ease knowing your new wrap is getting the best maintenance possible. Included is two Shampoos and a very innovative spray technology called REGEN® by Wax is Dead®, which will encourage your wrap or PPF to be extremely hydrophobic. 

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How Regen® Works?

Check-Up Process

Upon delivery of your freshly wrapped vehicle, you’ll be given our Wrap-Care & Maintenance Brochure and a new date for your first checkup where we go over the vehicle in full detail – ensuring everything is performing the way it should. With the first check-up we will include a FREE exterior and interior detail to make it worth your while! From here the love doesn’t stop – Our experts will encourage another checkup and visit from you in the future, stop by for a quick coffee and chat with our team while we check over your wrap. Most clients do this every 3 months or so – although it isn’t necessary to do so this often, we just appreciate a visit from our clients!

Future Discounts

Every vehicle that comes to Wrap Wise Brisbane for a full wrap in color-change or PPF gets access to our FREE Wax is Dead® Wrap & PPF Ceramic Coating and discounted on-going maintenance packages, allowing you to have your newly wrapped car looking its best for longer! 18 Months after your wrap, stay up to date with your maintenance with a heavily discounted Wax is Dead® Wrap & PPF Ceramic Coating. 

The Wax is Dead® Wrap & PPF Ceramic offers a handful of major benefits which boasts exceptional protection for your wrap. It’s thick formulation brings the appearance of your vinyl wrap to a new level – offering a pure candy gloss finish or a deep satin shine depending on your chosen color!

Why We Do It?

At Wrap Wise we care for your wrapped vehicle like it’s our own! We offer a Wrap-care & Maintenance package that’s second to none so you have the best after-care possible. With an advanced selection of Wax is Dead® Products, you can have confidence in your wraps longevity! 

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